Employment Class Action

The Graves Firm represents California workers in class actions against their employers. Many employees endure unfair treatment in the workplace because they do not want to lose their jobs, or because they do not believe there is anything that can be done to stop the injustice.

It’s true that large employers have a lot of power on their side. They have considerable resources and can afford to keep teams of highly skilled attorneys on retainer to protect their interests. But employees have more power than they might know.

If an employer is treating one worker unfairly, it is likely that the mistreatment is part of a pattern of conduct that extends to many other employees: dozens, hundreds, sometimes thousands. The injury to any one employee might seem minor. Multiply the injustice by many employees, however, and the result is that the employer is unjustly enriched—often significantly—at the expense of workers. Frequently, the only thing that can stop the unfair treatment is when workers come together in a class action lawsuit to hold their employer accountable.

At The Graves Firm, we work with employees who want justice—not just for themselves, but for their coworkers and for future employees of their company. We have the experience and skill to help them get it.

Accountability for Unfair Treatment by Employers

California and federal laws exist to protect employees from unfair treatment by their employers. That treatment may include:

  • Overtime and salary misclassification
  • Failure to provide rest and meal breaks
  • Failure to reimburse expenses
  • Improper deductions from pay
  • Illegal tip sharing

Much of this conduct constitutes wage theft, and it deprives you of earnings that are rightfully yours. By uniting with other employees in a class action, you can recover what you are owed, help ensure that your employer is held liable, and discourage them from acting unlawfully in the future.

How The Graves Firm Helps Employees

Attorney Allen Graves understands employer tactics, because he spent more than a decade of his career working for a large law firm that represented employers. He established The Graves Firm so that he could put that experience and insight to work for the benefit of hard-working employees. Most attorneys who represent employees in these cases lack this crucial background.

The Graves Firm has an impressive track record of success on behalf of our clients, and we have secured over $100 million dollars for them in lawsuits against California employers. Our success is due in part to our knowledge of employers and in part to how we select and manage cases. We accept only those cases we believe we can win, and we deliberately maintain a small caseload so that we can give each lawsuit the attention it deserves.

Like our clients, we want to make a difference for California workers. We understand the value of our clients’ labor, and we do everything in our power to obtain the maximum possible settlement for them. We invite you to contact The Graves Firm to learn more about how we can help you.

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