Turrieta v. Lyft

This is another case in which we addressed an employer that treated workers as independent contractors when we believe the law required the employees to receive pay and benefits as employees. This case deals with Lyft Drivers and seeks relief under the Private Attorney General Act for misclassification, failure to pay overtime, and failure to reimburse business expenses. On January 2, 2020, the court approved a settlement of $15,000,000. Despite the large settlement amount, there was an objection to the settlement. One of the objectors argued that less of the settlement money should go to employees and more should be paid to the state. The Graves Firm opposed these objections and the subsequent appeal. The Court of Appeal upheld the order approving the settlement and held that the individuals objecting to the settlement lacked standing to do so. This case has been selected for review by the California Supreme Court. The lawyers and staff of The Graves Firm look forward to protecting the settlement and shaping the law before our state’s highest court.